Megan, Me, Food, Drinks, Cabin in the Woods

That sums up the evening pretty well…

Megan: “OK, what can I eat?”
Me: “Well I kinda whipped up this coconut curry tomato soup thing…”
Megan: “Of course you did.”
Me: “Wanna try it?  I put tomatoes in there with some sauce, some coconut milk, honey, salt, curry paste..”
Megan:  “Yeah, I can taste all of that. Yum.”
Me: “It’s great over Ramen noodles, but we ran out of Ramen.”
Megan: “I think I have some in my car…”
Me: “Of course you do.”


Me: “Thanks for bringing the orange juice.  Somebody left cake-flavored vodka at our house – I think it’d be good with that.”
Megan: “Works for me.”
Me: “I want something fizzy in it too.  Would it be weird to put beer in there?”
Megan: “I dunno, go for it.”
Me: “This could be total genius or totally gross.”
Megan: *sips drink. Scoots drink closer to her and turns away with it under her arm.
Me: “I’ll take that as ‘genius'”.  


Megan: “MERMAN!!”
Me: “I know, right!?”
*many giggles from both sides.

We needed some quality time together. :)


Top 50 Reasons to Shave Your Head

Megan and I came up with a little list today, naming the top 50 reasons why you should shave your head.  As I mentioned yesterday, Megan, my sister Taryn & I are all on a team to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s to help fight childhood cancer.  And we’re all getting our heads shaved on September 15th for the cause!

Speaking of which, have you donated yet?  Click here if you haven’t.  DO IT! :D

This list is really reasons for women to shave their heads, mostly because, well… we’re women.  But I’m sure a lot of these can translate to dudes as well.  Enjoy!


#50 – It cuts your getting ready time in half (at least)!  More sleep – yay!!

#49 – It saves time in the shower, therefore saves water.  Saving the environment – yay!!

#48 – You won’t find pesky hairs all over the bathroom floor or your clothes anymore

#47 – You always have a good hair day!

#46 – Your hair won’t get in your way during workouts and yoga

#45 – Earrings only look more fabulous and eye-popping

#44 – Eye makeup, same thing!

#43 – You won’t get your hair stuck in the car window anymore

#42 – On that same note, you can roll all your car windows down and not have to worry about your hair getting messed up (or blowing in your face)

#41 – You can rub your own head for good luck

#40 – Zombies won’t have anything to grab onto

#39 – If you get caught in a rainstorm, your hair will still rock

#38 – If you’re breakdancing you won’t have to worry about your hair getting tugged during a head-spin

#37 – Kitties will want to nuzzle your head-fuzz

#36 – You won’t need to dye your hair, therefore saving the environment from all those chemicals.  Saving the environment (again!) – yay!!

#35 – You can finally remember what your natural color is

#34 – You’ll save a truckload of money on hair products

#33 – You won’t have to use a blowdryer and sweat your balls off while using it in the summertime

#32 – You won’t have to worry about “hat hair” or “helmet hair”

#31 – You will be “the rad girl with the shaved head” at parties.  Radness – yay!!

#30 – It’s a conversation starter!

#29 – Show off your neck! 

#28 – Show off your ears!

#27 – Less fire-hazard around your noggin’

#26 – Babies won’t pull on your hair when you hold them

#25 – Your friends will want to rub your head.  Free scalp massages – yay!!

#24 – You can tell your grandchildren about that crazy time when grandma shaved her head

#23 – It’s a giant FU to traditional society norms. You’re a rebel – yay!!

#22 – Your Bruce Willis impression will be more authentic

#21 – Your hair won’t get in your food when you’re eating

#20 – You can let your hair grow and be whatever it wants to be

#19 – You won’t get your hair stuck in your lipgloss on a windy day

#18 – You won’t zip your hair into your sweatshirt

#17 – No more split ends!

#16 – You can spoon without getting hair in your partner’s face

#15 – You can easily go to a Halloween party dressed as GI Jane, Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3, Homer Simpson, or that chick from Empire Records

#14 – Nobody singing Sinead O’Connor at karaoke will be more convincing than you

#13 – You can make towel-dried look GOOD

#12 – You can find out if your head is oddly shaped

#11 – You can finally get that skull tattoo you’ve been dreaming about

#10 – You won’t have to wear a “bald cap” to hold down your hair when you wear your crazy-afro-clown wig

#9 – You won’t have to worry about bugs or small animals getting stuck in your hair

#8 – Haircuts are easier and cheaper!

#7 – You can balance things on your head more easily

#6 – If you get gum in your hair, it’ll be a breeze to remove

#5 – No more indentations on your wrist from hair ties.  You don’t need them anymore!

#4 – Instant street cred.  You’re a badass – yay!!

#3 – You can show the world that bald is beautiful

#2 – You can show kids with cancer that it’s cool to not have any hair

#1 – You can raise money that’s essential to research childhood cancer, and help find a way to kick its ASS for good!