We are Beth and Megan.

We are Chickpeas and HulaHoops.

What’s this all about?  Well…  nothing, really. And everything. It’s a place for us to share our stories.  Our observations of the world.  Our snark.  Our twisted interpretations of everyday events.  It will be random.  And fun.  We like random and fun.  And smiling. Smiling’s our favorite.

About us more specifically:

Megan is currently a researcher in a hematology lab at the University of Colorado.  When she’s not playing with blood, she is playing roller derby. Or trying to teach herself how to program computers. Or watching her dog spin in circles. She loves Twizzlers, sarcasm, and summer rain showers.  Squirrels scare her as they are evil, little monsters set on world domination.  She’s really good at Google and drawing poorly.

Beth works in a comedy club office, but she was funny before that.  She is annoyingly optimistic, and is in love with cute animal websites.  Sparkly things are pretty neat too.  In her free time she snowboards, rollerskates, cooks, and slaps John, her live-in boyfriend, away from her homemade cookies.  She also agrees with Megan that squirrels, although cute, will be what brings humankind crashing down to usher in the start of the apocalypse.  Oh, and zombies.  Many, many zombies.


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