Chest hair villagers

John and I have some crazy awesome pillow talk.

Me:  “Good lord, man – you have so much chest hair that little people could live in it like it’s their forest.  The hair would be their trees and provide them with shelter.”
John:  “Oh yeah?”
Me:  “Yep.  And this area on your tummy that’s not covered in hair?  This is what they would call The Wasteland. Outcasts and criminals would be sent to The Wasteland, banished from the Chest Hair Forest.”
John: “That’s quite an imagination you’ve got on you…”
Me:  “And this?” (pointing to Adam’s apple) “This would be their great mountain. Hair trees do not grow there, and it’s considered a sacred place.”
John: “Actually I just shaved.  So it’s more like deforestation.”
Me:  “Well that’s a damn shame.”
John: “I could shave my chest too I guess…”
John: “You frighten me sometimes.”
Me: “Because I’m so much more awesomer than you?”
John: “Did you really just say that?” 


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