Let’s talk about something funny

Me: “I haven’t been able to think of any good blog posts lately.”
John: “Well, you could write one about us talking – those are always funny.”
Me: “Yeah, but we haven’t had any particularly funny conversations lately.”
John: “What? We talk about funny shit all the time!”
Me: “OK, then let’s come up with something funny to talk about right now.”
John: “…”
Me: “Good effort there, captain funnypants.”
John: “Shut up.”
Me: “The Bloggess was telling a story about her and her husband riding in the car discussing whether or not her eyeballs smelled.  Do you think eyeballs have a smell?”
John: “Probably.”
Me: “OK, her conversation was way funnier.”
John: “Let’s move on.  Are you excited for the Rockies / Cubs game tonight?”
Me: “Sure!”
John: “Who are you rooting for?  You know I’m rooting Cubs.”
Me:  “I dunno.  But I want to wear my purple sweatshirt.”
John:  “Then you’ll be rooting for the Rockies.”
Me:  “Oh, that’s right!  Yeah, purple!”
John: “That was kind of a funny conversation…”
Me: “Wooohoo!  Blog post!”
John: “It wasn’t THAT funny.”
Me:  “Well, it’ll have to do.  I’ve got purple to wear and places to be.”  


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